April 23rd - June 25th
2017 Spring League at Rodman Arena

League Rules

Europa Cup is committed to the advancement of individual and team skills to the enthusiasm and devotion to the sport of ice hockey. As we welcome you to another summer of hockey, we would like to apprise you of the following rules and guidelines:

  • Please be prompt. We can start early, so, whenever possible, we would like to start as close to the scheduled time as possible to avoid any unforseen delays.

  • Rules governing Europa Cup are based on the NCAA rule book with one important exception: a player receiving four minor penalties (or two double minors or two majors or one major and two minor penalties) will be removed from the game and receive a warning. A player committing a second offense of the above nature will be suspended from the next game.

  • Fighting will result in ejection from the Europa Cup league with no refund given.

  • A player using abusive or profane language will be charged with a minor penalty. If the foul language persists the player will receive a game misconduct. A second game misconduct will result in removal from Europa Cup.

  • Coaches are expected to act and speak professionally at all times. This means no abusive or foul language.

  • The Directors and Staff of Europa Cup reserve the right to terminate a player or coach from Europa Cup if they deem it in the best interest of the program.

  • All non playing participants and coaches on the bench must dress appropriately and wear appropriate footwear. Sandals or open toed shoes are not permitted.

  • Europa Cup does not provide water bottles. Please bring your own.

  • If there is a 5 goal differential in a game with under 7 ½ minutes to play the game will be played in running time.

  • There will be No Checking allowed. Europa Cup is following along with many of the spring and summer leagues in the United States and Canada with a no check format. Europa Cup will play the NCAA Women’s rule book with NO Checking and incidental contact only. It is our firm belief that this format will allow for maximum skill and team development while taking away the unnecessary physicality that creeps into out of season hockey.

We wish all the participants and coaches the best of luck this summer. The rules and guidelines are meant to ensure fair play and a safe enjoyable experience for all.

About Europa Cup

The main goal of the Europa Cup is to give our high school players a highly competitive league in the off-Season to work on their “game” once a week. Most Europa coaches presently coach High School in the fall season.

  • 10 game regular season schedule
  • Games played on Sundays (4/23-6/25)
  • Three Saturday game (6/10, 6/17, 6/24)
  • No Games on Memorial Day Weekend
  • Two 23 minute stop time periods
  • Playoffs for the top teams on June 19th
  • High School certified referees
  • Europa Cup Jersey Included
  • NCAA playing rules apply to all games
  • NO FIGHTING ALLOWED. Players fighting or taking major penalties will be ejected from league with NO refund. 
  • Cost of the league is $325